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Jake (right) & I (left) on Baldy Mountain, the highest peak in the Cimarron Range (12,441 ft.)

For about a year now, my brother and I have had countless people ask us about hiking the Appalachian Trail and now that our departure is fast approaching, these concerns have become increasingly important. Somehow, between explaining what gear we’re taking and when we’re leaving, the conversation always seems to roll around to the same two questions: “Are you bringing a gun?” and “Why?” Well neither one of us are bringing a gun because that’s just stupid but the “why” part, at least for me, was a lot harder to figure out.

It all started with a 2:00 am text message from Jake that said, “hey pussy, let’s hike the AT.” Never one to back down from a brotherly competition (i.e. Eagle Scout, etc.), I said okay. As time has now come to past, something within me, somewhere far removed from any logic and reasoning, has kept me saying okay. Thus began our journey, years before we have actually planned to begin hiking. Now, as the months have slowly ticked away and only a few weeks separate now and then, I am constantly feeling a sense of overwhelming excitement and building panic. With most of our preparations complete, our focus has fallen on finalizing our itinerary and gaining invaluable body weight that we are almost guaranteed to lose. More news to come.


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